One of the many joys of summer for me is picking fresh berries straight from the vine. Lucky for us our new house has an abundance of blackberry bushes filled with beautiful berries ripe for the picking.
Baron and I had a great time picking and eating and hopefully tomorrow we will find the time to make ourselves an apricot blackberry pie.


5 Responses to “Baron loves blackberries”

  1. Amy

    Wow!! That little chocolate and cheese recipe you included looks amazing… I’m just confused towards the end… What do I do after I pour the cheese and cream mixture over the chopped chocolate? How do I make them pretty like in the picture?

    I have a local creamery that makes incredible bleu cheese so I would love to try this with that…

  2. Amy

    Whoops, somehow I posted on the wrong entry… I meant to post on the cheesy evening one… *scratches head*


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