It’s day four and I’m ready for a drink. How about you?

I guess I should have made this a bit more clear in yesterday’s post but we are talking about apples here – in all their splendor. We’ve turned apples into candy (or paste), we’re about to drink some, soon they’ll be in a fresh winter salad and I just ate a piece of raw apple cake with large bits of tart apples strewn about – I think you’ll like it.

Now let’s have that cocktail.

First things first – get yourself some apple brandy or Calvados.


Producers of Calvados will often use over 100 specific varieties of apples creating a blend of sweet, tart and bitter. The fruit is (often) hand picked, pressed, fermented then distilled. From there it ages for a minimum of two years in casks. Longer aged Calvados will result in a smoother drink. The finished product has an intensely floral aroma and one sip will warm your throat as a good scarf would.

So now that we have Calvados all figured out grab the remaining supplies – lemons and maple syrup.

This drink is the epitome of Fall refreshment. Perfectly balanced, crisp, refreshing and as comforting as a mug of Hot Cider but more fun.

I can’t think of more perfect way to celebrate the accomplishment of posting four days in a row – imagine the celebration at the end of the month!

I raise a glass to all of you as well. Your comments are the push I need when my brain tells me that it’s ready to shut off. I’m already learning so much and can feel myself growing through the continual daily practice of photographing, writing and cooking – oh and I am getting very good at eating as well. So thank you for your help in all of this.


Applejack Rabbit

This is a classic Gourmet cocktail from December 1965.
I haven’t tried many different producers of Calvados but I’m very happy with the bottle of Boulard my husband picked up. Gourmet also suggests Clear Creek, Germain-Robin, American Fruits, Westford Hill, and Laird’s.

Half fill a cocktail shaker with cracked ice and pour over it 2 ounces apple brandy, the juice of 1/2 lemon, and 1 tablespoon maple syrup. Shake the mixture vigorously and strain it into a chilled cocktail glass.


23 Responses to “Applejack Rabbit circa 1965”

  1. boone

    love these martini glass shots. very nice. we just picked up some barbancourt 8 year rum which i’ve been mixing with spiced cider. it’s delicious.

    i’ll bring some up next weekend… if there’s any left!

  2. Kim (@ Paper Apron)

    I am so impressed. Your words are flowing seemlessly from mind to fingers to screen and your photography is exquisite! Great job. I have one mini bottle of Calvados left in my cabinet from my last trip to France. I actually didn’t realize you could even buy it over here– doh. I’m opening it tonight! Four days, s’more days– a piece of apple cake! πŸ™‚

  3. alana

    Cheers! Definitely time for a drink. I’m struggling over my every day posts, but it is a fabulous break to read yours…

  4. Connie

    Congrats on the fourth awesome post in a row! I like how you chose to do a cocktail from another decade. The pictures are wonderful (the 2nd my favorite), somehow classic and modern at the same time. Really inspiring work altogether, I’m having visions of apple-themed dinners in my head.

  5. Phoo-D

    What a great cocktail! This sounds like something I would totally enjoy (and I am also totally enjoying reading your daily posts- keep up the great work!).

  6. Heather

    Gorgeous. This may be the push I need to actually pick up some Calvados. The Washington Post had an article some months back that piqued my interest, but your photos send it over the top!

  7. Talley

    Gorgeous. Love how the drink almost glows in that second cocktail shot. How did you light this?
    I’ll be making this for myself tonight!

  8. Sara

    i love how saucy looking the pictures are with the black background with the finished cocktail! Drink up lady, very impressed with the daily posts.

  9. Nikki

    I’m there with you… well, I am one entry short as I didn’t know what was going on until a day late, but, I am there with you.. This daily blogging is a difficult thing, but I’m sure going to feel satisfied at the end of the month! If you have any extra drinks, please send them my way! I am finishing a research paper and contemplating my next post simultaneously…

  10. gabe

    hey Boone, don’t finish it off before you make it up here please!! πŸ™‚
    And hopefully we’ll still have some of ours to share with you.

  11. Player Profiles

    Maybe you could change the page name Applejack Rabbit circa 1965 | Not Without Salt to something more suited for your content you make. I loved the post nevertheless.


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