You can’t get more girly than this cake.297926633_90394bf0cb.jpg


Photos courtesy of GNR Photography 

I created this Fairy cake for my three year old cousin’s birthday party. Pink marshmallow fondant covers the cake, edible pearls create a quilted look and gumpaste flowers decorate the top of the cake. The fairy is a finger puppet that I thought my cousin would enjoy playing with once the cake was devoured.

A basic, super moist, yellow cake in alternating layers of pink and white make up the base of the cake. The filling is a luscious pink whippped cream. Folded organic frozen raspberries gives the cream the beautiful natural pink color.

Sadly I was not able to watch her enjoy it as I had another event, but I had such a fun time creating it for her special day.

p.s. The baby in the first photo is my sweet baby boy. I am planing on making him a very manly cake for his birthday (in May 🙂 )


14 Responses to “Pretty Pink Fairy Princess Cake”

  1. Cheryl

    This is such a beautiful cake! You are super talented Ashley. I love the painted flowers & pink glitter. It looks like a sugar plum fairy cake. Can’t wait to see what you do for your little man.

  2. csbaron

    It’s a girly cake, but with so much old-world charm. Beautifully and tastefully done. When Chris talks about coming home for Thanksgiving, he gets so excited about what you will be making for dessert. I can’t wait either (assuming you are). -D

  3. Aimee

    Ashley- your desserts are seriously amazing. Can you put me on your to do list for a little something around-oh…how about- March 25th??!! That cake is very pleasing to the eye, I am sure to the palate too!!

  4. Jessica

    what a beautiful cake. This makes me want to be a little girl again. I often find myself in the kitchen, but I’m always baking for someone else’s palate. I doubt I’ve ever baked something just for me. But, this looks like something that I could enjoy doing just that with. sweet.

    do you have a full recipe?

  5. Anna Cross

    your fairt princess cake is fabulous ! I’m looking for a good princess cake to make for my best friends granddaughter. Is there any way you be willing to share directions for making this cake ? I want to make something very special but find directions to help guide me are neccessary.
    Anna Cross

  6. Ashley

    I would love to help in whatever way I can. The final designing was fairly easy. I used gumpaste flowers that I made in advance. The pink outer layer was marshmallow fondant. The wilton website has a recipe. Otherwise just search Marshmallow fondant and you will find a ton of recipes. Basically you melt marshmallows and add enough powder sugar to make a dough. It is really fun to work with and tastes a lot better than regular fondant. I made the quilted effect by pressing in edible pearls (available online or at nice cake decorating supply stores) into the fondant.
    The fairy that sits atop the cake is a finger puppet that is resting on a wooden support dowel. I sprinkled edible glitter all over the cake.
    I hope that helps. Let me know what else I can do to help. Thanks for your inquiry.

  7. Pao!

    I absolutely adore this cake, I’m as girly as any girl can get (or so my closest friends say) I love love love this cake, the detail to the flowers and leaves, the quilted effect is so beautiful, I just love this cake!!!

    Is there anyway you could make it into a center piece?? Maybe a pillow?? Something for a room…

  8. princess'mom

    I’m looking for my little girl’s first birthday cake and of ALL the pages I have browsed, nothing comes close to this one. Can I order this cake from you?

    Please contact me on my email. Thank you.


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