Sunny and 65* in Seattle demanded a trip to Pike Place Market. We relished the morning as we played tourist in our own city.

We each had our own mission. I was determined to pick up some vital ingredients to appease some pregnancy cravings – butter, goat cheese and chocolate cake. At DeLaurenti I found an incredible French butter. Salty with a sour tangy finish. A fresh Chevre with an herb coat was found at the Paris grocer and the chocolate cake is still out there.

The boys headed right towards the mini donuts – fresh from the fryer.

At my favorite produce stand I bought everything they fed me. Muscat grapes, the most perfect pears I’ve tasted and a melon sweeter than the candy I couldn’t pass up.

With the sun pouring through our windows upon our return I decided to have fun with my camera. A little impromptu photo shoot with my market models.

A perfect Spring family day.


Flowers from my dear husband after his “fragile” wife was having a rather rough day.


Some of the best dishes require no recipe. Such is the case for this perfectly ripe melon.


A craving. They say if you crave sweets then it’s a girl – I like the sound of that!




– Easter is quickly approaching. May I recommend this Easter Pie I made for Artazza?

– I’m so excited to be teaching about the ever intimidating meringue. In this course we will be creating perfectly light Pavlova with Roasted Rhubarb and Strawberry Curd, classic French Macarons with Italian Meringue Buttercream and a Banana and Chocolate Souffle that will delight. Email to sign up for this class. The cost is $35.


17 Responses to “Market Finds”

  1. Brandi Bailey

    I too am liking that candy craving old wives tale…. 🙂 That would be so fun! I always think “just like your Mom had!” when I think of you having a girl after two boys! 😀 I’m so glad you had a great day with your family! And I love that Gabe bought you flowers after a bad day-what a great husband you have! Love you guys!!!!

  2. Karen

    You’ve brought back wonderful memories of weekends spent browsing every nook and cranny of Pike Place Market! The flower stalls ~ especially when it was peony season, and produce to die for.

  3. Sarka

    What beautiful flowers you got from your husband! How sweet of him! I got some tulips last week, they are my favourites! Isn’t nice how we are easily pleased? 🙂 I love the pics of the melon.

  4. Sprout

    I also recently had a ‘Pike Place vacation’. The muscat grapes were out of this world, agreed. As were the green beans; I tasted spring in every crunch. I wrote about the topic of groceries over at my blog, Sprout. Am curious how everyone decides who/when/where/how often.

    I’d love your thoughts!

  5. Lyndsey

    What fantastic photos. I am so glad to discover your blog, very nice space you have here. I posted about our farmer’s maket this weekend too.

  6. laura

    These photos are breathtaking and the savory pie for Easter looks incredible… wishing you all the best in the remainder of your pregnancy.

  7. molly

    That first melon is downright dreamy. Though I love it all the more for sliding right alongside a good heap of sour ribbons. It happens, two boys and a girl…

  8. Kathleen

    those are my EXACT favorite candies! all you need are a few cinnamon bears and youre golden!

  9. alison

    Hey Ashley…
    I love your blog! Your pics are amazing too! I love the tulips everywhere this time of year, so beautiful! I am really excited about learning some good baking tips from you and I can’t wait to take a class!


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