Film is back this week but something’s different. Instead of the usual Canon A1 I’ve been playing with a Polaroid Land Camera that my parent’s found at a flea market in Pasadena for a mere $10. I’m in love.

There is something so exciting and satisfying to press the trigger than moments later be able to hold the print. I have much to learn and the camera has seen better days as there appears to be a places in which age has worn little holes into the camera allowing odd pockets of light to enter. It just makes those times when you actually get a print that looks tolerable all the more exhilarating.


Polaroid Land Camera (taken with a Canon 5d Mark II)


Bee’s Knees

6130875755_23d312b701_bThe Pantry at Delancey.


Currants, figs, plums

Earlier this month I taught a food photography class at The Pantry. I was beyond nervous. I have no doubt they could tell.

In a kitchen is where my confidence is at it’s peak. I dance between the stove and the mixer understanding it’s every move and not questioning what to add or when to stir, fold, or whip. I still have much to learn but I am comforted by the  unfamiliar level of confidence that I find when I enter into a kitchen. To teach others how to fold dough upon layers of butter to achieve thousands of perfectly formed flaky sheets is a joy but it doesn’t stretch me in the way preparing to teach food photography did.

Seeing myself as a photographer is a very new concept for me. I’ve always loved taking pictures but an innate passion for it was discovered as a result of this blog. Because of this I was so honored for all of the students who showed up to learn from me.

Before beginning the presentation I prepared I had to stop for a moment to thank them for coming. Not a flippant thank you but one in which I wanted to convey that their presence was like a giant pat on the back. To be given the opportunity to teach this subject that still causes an exhilarating reverence within me  was a gift. It caused me to appreciate where I have come and eagerly anticipate where God has yet to take me.

So again, if you came to that class, thank you. You were all a joy to teach. If you weren’t there and would like to have been, we are planning to teach another class in the Winter. Gabe will be joining me and we will spend time working through the “issues” of shooting in the midst of the Seattle gray. The class will be at The Pantry again. I’ll update you as soon as it becomes available to sign up.


“Mama, I was thinking we could go for a date. Maybe walk and get a Macaron then go to the park.” He said.

And that’s just what we did. It’s not everyday that I get asked out by my five year old son, but when I do, everything is dropped and we head out the door. One of the best dates of my life.

Happy Weekend everyone.

p.s. I really like you all. Your comments and kind words about my film has spurred me to pursue it further and to always be taking photos. Thank you all for being so encouraging.

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All images were shot using Kodak Portra 400 using a Canon A1 50mm 1.4. Except for today’s post which was shot with a polaroid land camera.

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25 Responses to “Film Friday: Polaroid Edition”

  1. MikeVFMK

    Congrats on the class, Ashley. I don’t doubt for a moment that you have a lot to give and teach a class. Your photos are beautiful and always tell a story so each and every one of those students were lucky to have your input and knowledge.

    If I lived anywhere near the west coast I’d be happily attending the upcoming session.

  2. Lauren

    How adorable that your son asked you to go on a date! Love it! I think kids are so much fun at that age.

    I really like the Polaroid photos. Sometimes it’s nice to use a different camera! I need to get some film for my SLR–it’s been 10 years since I used it last.

  3. Jamie

    Lovely shots, especially since they’re black and white (ish). You are inspiring me to pick up my real camera someday soon, and let the digital have a rest. Thank YOU.

  4. lissa

    I was on the wait list for that class! Shooting in the Seattle grey can be so frustrating! I will be watching for your class this winter.

    What a treat to get invited on a date by your son! So precious!

  5. Lorna

    You get what you give dearest Ashley. The joy your blog gives me far outweights any small words of encouragement I have ever posted here. You have become a blessing in my busy life and I smile more, simply, because this blog is now part of my life…. Thank you 🙂
    Love and Light XXX

  6. Emma

    Are you using film from The Impossible Project?

    What a steal, a $10 land camera. They’re out there, I guess – lucky you:)

  7. Paula

    I am envious! I love old, old cameras. My Dad actually recently gave me a Kodak Brownie camera (I believe that is what it is called), and I’m on the hunt for 620 spools to respool 120 film. There is just something so…magical about old cameras 🙂

  8. natalia

    I loved the class. It was a joy to learn your techniques. Your images are beautiful and I am continually inspired by them. Thank you for breaking out of your comfort zone to teach us!

  9. Sophie Moskowitz

    I have only just discovered your blog and absolutely adore your writing, photography and style of cooking… but this post in particular – your son, his words – brought tears to my eyes (in a good way). So lovely.


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