The tomatoes arrived orange. It has been nearly 9 months since I’ve had a decent tomato but if memory serves me correctly tomatoes are suppose to be red. Not just any red. The kind of red that makes Dorothy’s slippers seem dull and lifeless.

Red like the color of our first car. We called it the “Red Hot” and it was anything but hot. An Oldsmobile Achieva that we bought from Gabe’s grandparents and took with us when we move to LA.  It screamed to have American Flags waving from the back windows, so we obliged. There we were driving our intensely red, “red hot” down the streets of Beverly Hills, American Flags flapping proudly. He dropped me off at work in that car right along side the Bentley’s and Rolls’.


Rather than trying to wait for the flavor to magically develop with the aid of a brown paper bag, which would merely hint at the tomatoes I will be tasting in a few months, I decided these orange tomatoes needed several hours in a warm oven. There they concentrate into a sweet acidic bite that perfectly accompanies bacon and lettuce sandwiched in between two pieces of lightly toasted bread.


I’m talking about a B L slow-roasted T. Throw in the addition of a Basil mayo and you are looking at my latest favorite sandwich. One that can be eaten at any time, any place – even now as we wait for those “Red Hot”-like tomatoes that appear around here in late August. Until those intensely hot days that allow the tomato to concentrate the sun’s heat into an aromatic, sweet fruit, I will use the aid of my oven. I’m not complaining one bit.





You’re welcome.

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Slow Roasted Tomato BLT

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

You can do this with essentially any tomato although the roasting time will vary. I used about 8 barely ripe Romas. I sliced them ¼” thick and laid those on a parchment lined sheet tray with a few sprigs of thyme. After a very light drizzle of olive oil and a whisper of salt (remember these will reduce by quite a bit so don’t overdo it with the salt at this point) they go into a 225* for about 4 hours or until shriveled around the edge while still maintaining a bit of juice. Because of the low oven heat these do not color at all but rather slowly concentrate their flavors and intensify.

If you don’t use all of your tomatoes simply cover the leftover with olive oil and place in the fridge. In fact, I highly recommend making a very large batch as these little beauties will find many great uses (pasta, antipasti, straight from the jar, cheese tray, grilled cheese, etc.)


Basil Mayo

½ cup mayonnaise

3 Tablespoons basil, chopped


Stir together mayonnaise and basil.

Apply basil mayo, generously to two slices of lightly toasted bread. Add crispy bacon, lettuce and cooled, roasted tomatoes.

93 Responses to “B L (slow-roasted) T”

  1. Paula at Dishing The Divine

    I never was a big BLT fan until I had it a local restaurant and they served it with a basil aioli (much like yours!). That made it *much* better. And I can tell you right now that those tomatoes are going to make it even better yet. I’m flagging this to share with my out of town family members next week!

  2. Holly

    These tomatoes are roasted perfectly Ashley! My mission will be to make these mouth-watering tomatoes over the weekend! Thanks for sharing!! x

  3. caroline

    oh my, oh my! this looks so good. I wish there was vegetarian bacon as good as the real thing but even without bacon this sandwich looks yummmy.

  4. Farmgirl Susan

    One of the most beautiful BLTs ever! We’re counting down the days until the kitchen garden gives us enough heirloom tomatoes for BLT night. Thanks for the delicious inspiration. :)

  5. Stacie

    I had some yucky grocery store tomatoes (not romas) and decided to roast them for BLTs. I didn’t have four hours so upped the temp and lessened the time–OMG. SO GOOD. I’m pretty sure I won’t be eating a single underripe tomato all winter. THANKS FOR THE RECIPE!

  6. Erica

    I’ve been seeing heirloom tomatoes in lots of colors – reds, oranges, yellows, nearly black!

  7. sara

    Hi there! I found you on Pinterest and I’m totally in love with this sandwich – it looks so delicious! :)

  8. KimC

    Now I need to know what else to do with those tomatoes and how long they keep, because I intend to cook a LOT of them!

  9. Leslie

    This was so delicious! I don’t usually like tomatoes and often order BL sandwiches only to get teased by friends and family, but these tomatoes were so delicious and made the perfect sandwich!

  10. Malinda

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  11. restaurant Fort Lauderdale

    Those roasted tomatoes really look good. The color is just fantastic. This recipe really looks scrumptious! I am absolutely trying this out for breakfast tomorrow. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I am pretty sure my wife would love it!

  12. Sandy

    I made this and it was DELICIOUS. I didn’t have basil so I mixed the mayo with tarragon and we had left over avocado in the home so I added slices of that. Soooo goooood. Thank-you for this recipe.


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