In Seattle we had nearly two weeks where the sun tempted us with Spring. Green buds emerged, soft pink cherry blossoms covered the bare branches and in the anticipation of our Summer garden we covered our window sills with starts soon to be planted in the rich soil. Now the rain has returned and continues to pelt the fragile pink petals knocking them to the ground leaving a bed of pale floral snow covering the sidewalk.

But in our house the blossoms continue to bloom thanks to scissors, glue and pink tissue paper – or in our case – white tissue paper painted pink.

This is a very simple craft project that brings the beauty of Spring inside and will last long after the last petal has descended to its cement grave.

First step is to take a walk and gather some fallen branches. If they are wet let dry for a couple of days.


Then gather your tissue paper, glue, scissors and helping hands.


Cut out circles in the tissue paper about the size of a 50 cent piece. Remember those?

Stick a pen or pencil in the center of the circle and gather the tissue paper around it. Form the petals with your fingers.



Then glue to your branches.



Happy Spring!

Next up: Chocolate Banana Bread


9 Responses to “always in bloom”

  1. Rachel

    I love this! So much easier than the similar idea in this month’s Martha magazine. Will try it this week, thanks!

  2. suzy

    Oh, i LOVE these little flowers! i’d love to make some but i think the cat would eat them off the branches:) can’t wait for the chocolate banana bread!


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