I had plans to bring you chocolate today. It is Valentine’s day after all. I have plenty of ideas as to what I was going to make you but when it comes right down to it I would rather someone else make it for me today.

Of course you all know how much I love being in the kitchen, baking and cooking for friends and family, but even the cook likes to be served every now and again. Fortunately I am surrounded by much talent in the kitchen and do get to eat others’ food on a regular basis so really I have no excuse for this pathetic little pity party but alas here I am.  Would you believe that I don’t have people lined up at the door wanting to bake something for me? The nerve.


So today there are a few people out in Internet land who I would like to ask to come and bake for me. In return you will get a happy me, lots of sweet snuggles from the cutest little Valentine I’ve ever seen and you’ll probably get tackled by some crazy little wrestlers. Sounds fair right?!

Jen. Please come make this Pistachio Creme Brulee for me. Thanks.

The “I can’t believe I made that cake” from Huda is amazing. I’d love a slice of it’s deep dark chocolate cake with ruby red raspberries and perfect chocolate curls.

A cup of chocolate mousse and whipped cream?! Now THAT sounds like V-day to me. From Tara at It Smells Like Home.

Gaby, I’d be happy to take a cookie (or two) off of your hands. Really.

While I’m chocolate-less today. Let’s not forget some of the chocolate we have shared together.

Drinking chocolate. Remember? Or there’s this version. Either way, prepare yourself for a perfectly dark, nearly spoonable (?) drink. Add a touch of Cayenne to turn up the heat.


You know, I just had a brilliant idea (actually I had this idea awhile ago but I just reminded myself – thank you blog). I don’t need to bake in order to enjoy an abundance of chocolate. Chocolate tasting!

While eating chocolate is extremely important (not just on Valentine’s day) my greatest hope for you on this day is that you feel and give love.

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!


10 Responses to “Hoping for chocolate”

  1. Sara

    felt so loved today getting your special package in the mail today – thank you! I got the mail before heading out for a quick jog, so of course i tried everything on the way out to boost my speed… or something like that 🙂

  2. Gaby

    and I would be more than happy to share a cookie or two with you!!! xo Thanks for including me in your great post!


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