“Where would we be without Salt?” – James Beard

Salt has preserved when refrigeration was impossible. It has created and destroyed empires. Salt has “caused mass population shifts and exodus, attracted invaders and caused wars.” (wiki) It has been used as a way of removing bodily toxins and in the preservation of food, allowing early civilizations to travel over long distances.. Salt is repeatably referenced in the Bible through Jesus’ words as a way of describing how we are to live on the earth. It has caused contestants to be kicked off of Top Chef because they used too much or too little. Salt is “an ingredient that gives savor, piquancy, or zest.” (Websters Dictionary)

I advocate on salt’s behalf in all recipes. Sweet and savory alike. Actually, especially the sweet stuff. Salt finds its way into all of my dessert recipes. The resulting dish has a complexity that leaves the diner perplexed and utterly satisfied.

And as everyone knows, to create a savory dish without the addition of salt – well, you might as well feed your dinner guests toilet paper as the resulting dish will be deemed inedible. (I do not recommend serving toilet paper to guests).

To honor my love of salt I present to you the new and improved Artisan Sweets now known as Not Without Salt.

Similarly to what salt does to food there is much complexity and depth behind the new makeover of Artisan Sweets. Although I have dabbled in the savory side on my current blog, my desire is to increase the number of dishes that can be created on a daily basis. Family dinners, quick side dishes and new ideas for tired ingredients.

Sweet lovers do not be afraid as I will never forget my first love – dessert. I will continue to post simple and always delicious sugary recipes from my ever growing Rolodex of recipes.

Some things will never change. You will still see lots of yummy images and receive plenty of recipes to enjoy and entertain with.

And some things do change – but all for the better. Not Without Salt now has larger images, a cleaner look, a recipe index (that will continue to improve – I’m a little slow when it comes to the tech stuff) and all the capabilities to share your favorite recipes with your friends via Stumbleupon, Facebook, Digg and all your favorite social media sites.

I am so excited to finally present the new home of Artisan Sweets. I hope you enjoy the new look and find yourself getting inspired and hungry.

As always, you are my motivation and I truly value the encouragement and many friendships that have formed through blogging. Keep the comments and emails coming. Thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by (and coming back, regularly).


19 Responses to “Welcome to Not Without Salt”

  1. Elyse

    Your new blog looks great! i’m so excited to make the leap over here. looking forward to more delicious recipes!!

  2. Kate

    Congratulations on the new site! My blogger feed is updated. I really enjoy the bigger pictures and your new banner picture. Mmm, root veggies.

  3. Andrew Robinson

    Fantastic find for me. Here in Bellingham. Wonderful photos. Can’t wait to start cooking. Found you via twitter searching for tweets in Bellingham. Small world?


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