This pig skin looks good enough to eat! The interior isΒ  a deep, dark chocolate cake moistened with a coffee syrup and layered with rich and silky chocolate buttercream. That’s enough to get me excited about football!! πŸ™‚


The cake itself is covered in chocolate marshmallow fondant that I made and the lacing is white fondant. I used a ravioli cutter to create a stitched effect.


9 Responses to “hey sports fans!”

  1. Marieke

    Although I know nothing about your football game, being from soccer country Holland, I do admire your wonderful work here and would not mind a piece of this at all. Wow! The combination of chocolate and coffee and the word marshmallow will grab my attention anytime…

  2. dbaron

    See, now, I would frame this. Amazing, you even put little stitches! That is my favorite part. If I lived by you I would be so fat… I occasionally think of things I would commission you to make. Like every year for our anniversary I would have you make a mini cake of the one you made for our wedding reception. Yeah, that’s right… I still think about that cake.

  3. Cindy

    Just had some scraps of this cake yesterday (raided Ashley’s fridge while babysitting) and even after a few days this cake was still heavenly – moist, rich, with body and the filling still melting in my mouth. Honestly one of the best I’ve had.

  4. Mary Gene Atwood

    OK, how did you do it??? I LOVE the stitching…the marzapan is more realistic than the licorice strings I used when Luke was little! Very impressive.

  5. artisansweets

    Thanks for all the wonderful compliments.
    Ari – I hope someone from the Food Network reads blogs, especially your comment.
    Cindy – you can raid my fridge anytime!! It’s the least I can provide for you allowing me to actually get some work done. Yeah for Grandmas!!!!!
    Mary Gene – Next time we’re in town we can make a football cake!! You guys could probably help me get it to look more realistic seeing as how I had to use a photo of a football to remind me of how they look.


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